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Brighton Systems

12 - Dec - 2014

Bespoke Bioreactor Control Systems


Bioreactor Control Manufacturers


Welcome to Our Website

If you are searching for high quality Bioreactor control look to the friendly and helpful team at Brighton Systems and find exactly what you are looking for. Our knowledgeable team of professionals with over twenty five years of experience can supply an extensive range of products and services with experts in their field.

Bioreactor Control Systems Among the products we supply are:- Bioreactor Control Panels for Laboratory and Pilot plant.

Bioreactors Dosing control systems using peristaltic pumps. Please Call for more info.

Data logging and management systems.

pH and dissolved oxygen probes.
PT100 Temperature probes.
Magnetic stirrers with remote setpoint control.
pH Dosing units.
Gas mixing.
Air pumps with rotameters for laboratory bioreactors.

The following process control equipment can be supplied by us or built into control panels. Anglicon Solo 2 process Controllers and BioSolo 3 Controllers..Anglicon amplifiers/transmitters for pH, Redox, Dissolved oxygen & Electrical Isolation.

Eurotherm Process Controllers, programmable automation controllers & display units.

West Instruments/CAL Process Controllers.
Caltec Thyristor Drivers and Trigger Units for precise three phase heater control.

Anglicon Microlab Control Panels - are part of Brighton Systems Limited

Please call us for Sales - 01273 515563
- Email us:

Please call use dedicated Fax Line: 01273 611533

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